About us

united fashion service is a full service provider of modern outfits, lifestyle products and accessories. We help you to enhance your brand DNA with new lifestyle products. Contrary to popular opinion, people mainly tend to buy products for emotional reasons. Aside from the hard facts, there are now an increasing number of image-enhancing factors involved in the purchasing process that have an impact on why people decide to buy a product. We offer you support in improving the emotional appeal of your products by creating a similar range of goods that help promote your core business. Our mission is to enhance your existing unique selling points.

ufs provides creative lifestyle services with an international purchasing structure. We offer a comprehensive and sophisticated product range that covers outdoor fashion, sportswear, business clothing, fitness and leisurewear. When developing and producing outfits, we always aim to create something that is both modern and contemporary. Being unique is part of our DNA. We always try to be innovative.

What else distinguishes us from the competition? Our code of conduct encompasses the most efficient supply chain, cooperative thinking, reliability and responsibility. We pay particular attention to environmental and humanitarian issues.

We also outsource our product management procedure. A team of 25 permanent employees and a network of freelance staff look after our customers' every need.